Firewall Test

Some government departments, universities and corporations use computer networks with a firewall that blocks audio and video streaming. This is not caused by anything at our end but is a setting on your computer network. The problem is easily rectified by having your IT department allow streaming access from our IP address which is:

This is a safe IP address used by the Farm Management Canada.

The following test can be taken to determine if you have a firewall problem. It is not 100% accurate since some firewalls have all ports open but still shut out streaming media. Click the button "Start Tests" and then scroll down. If the word "Success" appears even once, then you should be able to access the webinars.

However, if all of the port tests show "Failure" then your firewall is blocking you from access.

What to do if you do not see "Success" on any of the results

  • You have the choice of attending the webinars from your home computer.
  • You can ask your IT department to adjust the firewall so you can receive live audio and video on your office computer. Ask your IT department to permit live streaming for this IP address:
  • You may contact us to arrange an accurate firewall test to give your IT team sufficient time to adjust the firewall before a webinar. Contact us toll-free any time at 1-888-232-3262.