Preview: Creating a Partnership that Honours Different Personalities

Broadcast Date: December 14, 2023, 12:00 AM Eastern Time
Series: Farm Management Canada

Presented By: Heather Watson, Kelly Dobson
Theme: Beginning & Young Farmers, Strategic & Business Planning, Human Resources Management, Health & Environment

Agriculture has evolved into a complex industry where success depends on a network of relationships both on and off the farm. Ineffective engagement is often cited by farmers and advisors as a major barrier to effective management and a source of tension. Family members often confide that a culture of sub optimal relationships is impacting operations and putting the farm’s future at risk. Advisors report that farmers are reluctant to engage their services, even if it means lost opportunity, higher risk, and lower profits.

What’s getting in the way of people thinking and acting strategically together?

The ability to work with a wide variety of people is a hallmark of high performance and successful businesses. It’s also learnable. Kelly Dobson of LeaderShift will sit down with Heather Watson of Farm Management Canada to share some practical applied psychology that unpacks why people irritate and avoid each other, and how growing our capacity to be ourselves, wherever we are, and whoever we’re with, is the only sustainable and scalable path to bringing our best to situations with actions that get results.

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