Jane Morrigan

Jane  Morrigan
M.Sc., P.Ag., Integrity Livestock Services

Born and raised near Montreal, Jane worked on a dairy farm at 16 yrs of age and never looked back. Livestock agriculture has been her life’s work for the last 42 years and will continue to be in the future. She moved to Nova Scotia in 1977, purchased a small farm in Pictou County and milked her own beautiful Jersey cows for 16 years.
After selling the herd in 1995, she returned to university and earned a Master’s degree in animal behaviour from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College (NSAC). Her research was entitled, “Welfare of Cull Holstein Cows at an Abattoir”, through which she confirmed that training livestock handlers can have a significant impact on reducing stress and suffering of the animals.
Upon graduation, she began work as an instructor in the technical program of the Department of Animal Science at NSAC, and then joined the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada (OACC) in 2002 as Website Coordinator. She has been teaching a third year degree course at NSAC in Animal Welfare since 2006. Recently, she decided to say goodbye to OACC in order to pursue her passion for training livestock handlers.
Over the years she has raised dairy and beef cattle, sheep, pigs, meat chickens and laying hens. She continues to live on her farm in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, where she makes square-bale hay and keeps a few beef cows, horses and laying hens. In the summertime she also raises a few hogs and meat chickens.
Jane can be reached at Integrity Livestock Services, Animal Welfare Training & Auditing, Scotsburn, Nova Scotia, B0K 1RO, Canada, Tel:  (902) 351-2712, E-Mail:  jmorigan@nsac.ca

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