Gerry Friesen

Gerry Friesen
The Recovering Farmer

Gerry comes from a diverse background of experience, learning and discovery. He grew up on a farm and in 1983 took over the family farm. He operated the farm until 2007 when other interests demanded more and more of his time. From 1990 to 2005 Gerry was heavily involved in agricultural “politics” serving on the boards of Manitoba Pork Est., Manitoba Pork Marketing, Canadian Pork Council, and Keystone Agricultural Producers. Aside from his private practice Gerry provides mediation services for Farm Debt Mediation Services and the Automobile Injury Mediation office and is a conflict management specialist with Backswath Management Inc.

Gerry facilitates workshops on a variety of topics including effective communication, conflict management, and stress management. Gerry is a recipient of the Manitoba Pork Friend of the Industry award for “providing emotional support and expertise to help farmers cope with financial and emotional stress in their darkest days”. A combination of his own life experiences, training in conflict resolution and intensive counseling training provide him the tools to help others who are struggling.

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