Robert Wager

Robert Wager
Vancouver Island University

Robert Wager was born and raised in Victoria BC, Canada. He received a BSc. in Microbiology (UBC 1986) and a MSc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (UBC 1993).  He taught at the Colleges of the Bahamas and in Vancouver and has been a faculty member of the Biology department at Vancouver Island University for 20 years.

He became interested in GMO’s after reading “Pandora’s Picnic Basket” in 2000.  It was clear the internet was full of false information on the subject so began writing articles and giving public seminars to help explain the real science of GMO’s.  He has written dozens of articles and given radio and TV interviews and given many public talks.  

Recent years has political decision makers becoming interested in GMO’s.  He has written to and spoken with local, provincial and federal politicians who wanted accurate information on GMO’s.  

Robert spends considerable time on internet forums and blogs challenging the fear stories critics of GE technology continually push.  Robert received the 2014 CropLife Grassroots award for his efforts helping educating the public about GMO’s.  Fear does sell but Robert has found well researched and calmly presented facts have proved to be very effective at reducing the public’s fear about GE crops and derived food.