Cedric MacLeod

Cedric MacLeod
Macleod Agronomics Ltd

Cedric MacLeod grew up in Carleton County, New Brunswick working in the family concrete construction business.  While working there he developed an early love for agriculture - as many of the construction jobs were in the agricultural field; potato storages, dairy, beef or hog barns, silage bunkers, food processing facilities, etc.

MacLeod graduated in 1999 with an undergraduate degree in agriculture from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, soil science major, plant science minor.  Worked part-time as assistant swine herdsman at the College Farm Swine Unit.  He graduated in 2004 with a Masters of Science Degree from the University of Manitoba, after four years tenure at the Department of Soil Science as a grad-student, lab technician and undergrad lab instructor.

Mr. MacLeod then spent four years with the Canadian Pork Council as the National Environmental Programs Coordinator and recently opened the doors of MacLeod Agronomics, an agri-environmental consulting company in April 2007.  Services include basic agronomic services for NB ag-producers, GHG management consulting for farms and agri-business, renewable energy consulting and energy auditing.
MacLeod also manages 150-acres of pasture and forage crops with wife Alanda, Mom, Dad and family, persuing intensive rotational grazing systems and extended grazing season concepts.  The local farm model has been producing grass-finished beef for direct market to local customers for three years.


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